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We offer lay-by to customers both in store and online.

Please mail to apply or for more information. 

To open a lay-by account you will need to supply the following:

Valid ID, Passport or Driver's License.
Proof of residence.
20% Deposit.

The remaining outstanding amount will be paid in three equal payments there-after. The item(s) will be released upon completion of the final payment. 10% administration fee will be added to all items purchased through lay-by.

Online sign-ups and payments will have to send a proof of payment monthly. All online lay-bys over the amount of R799 include FREE delivery nationwide. 

Lay-bys via our online platform will only be applicable to products 48 hours after they have launched. Lay-bys are NOT available on SALE items.

Lay-by purchases cannot be returned or refunded after the final payment has been completed. 

Cop Capital reserves the right to cancel and refund any lay-by purchases at any time.